About Us

Lordship Properties LLC

We specialize in buying real estate that can be rented out for residents and their families to live in. Each apartment is prepared to be move-in ready and we screen tenants to see who would be the next best resident for one of our homes.

Our Team

Jeff Davis is the Real Estate Manager for Lordship Properties. In that capacity, he oversees a team that manages the property and handles all aspects of the rented unit. We approach every transaction with the utmost professionalism and care.

What is our Process

We embrace technology because it can streamline and automate our real estate transactions. We use a state-of-the-art business management system keeping our business extremely organized and efficient so that we can spend less time shuffling paperwork and more time finding solutions that work for our residents.

We Are A Real Estate Management Company

Our company buys and manages properties that we rent out to residents. We work with potential tenants to see if they will be a good fit in one of our units. We are excited to potentially work with you directly to see if being a resident with us is a good fit. We focus on improving neighborhoods and redeveloping areas where our houses are located in. If you have any questions contact us here.

Some of our rentals qualify for our lease-to-own program. If you have a steady income and a down payment you can apply to lease the house from us with the option of purchasing the home at a predetermined price. Most of our lease options give the tenant 1, 2, or 3 years to complete the purchase. In addition we work with lenders who help you prepare to qualify for your home loan.

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